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 Reformed Rules (Construction)

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Screen names in other places : jesusfreac, TPBY, ssalrab2, Weird0, 0Weird0, oweird0,
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PostSubject: Reformed Rules (Construction)   Mon Sep 09, 2013 5:11 pm

These rules are under construction, please refer to the old rules or send me a PM for any questions, thanks.

If you feel any rule is not clear enough, let me know, thanks.
Also if you have rule suggestions there is a different forum for that, Please do NOT post on this thread. Thanks

I will Number the rules (for reference)

1: No Language. Pretty simple, any words that would be considered "Curse words" shouldn't be used, you can clarify your point without using inappropriate words.

2: In the same way, Sexual phrases, references, words are not allowed. This is easily a bannable offence.

3: Anything that is deemed harmful to the forum or other users on the forum is not allowed, including:
Flame wars, Bullying, or diminishing comments, everyone has their own opinion, and we would like to encourage that, debates are great, but lets not beat each other over the head.

4: Mouthing off to admins or moderators is not at all tolerated, if what a moderator is doing you think is not in line with the rules, please come talk to me or another admin about it. Do not post a topic about it, or spread rumors, if there's something wrong I (or another admin) can take care of it, DO NOT talk to other members about it, that will only cause stress and flame wars.

5: Anything illegal in the US, or against the FM rules is a ban-on-sight offence.

6: We would like to keep this family-friendly, please no pornography, inappropriate, or Suggestive pictures /comments / etc.
Please no pictures without shirts.

7: if you have a problem with something someone is doing or you think he is breaking to rules, you may kindly, privately approach him, but do not purposely cause a argument, if there's something wrong, a mod/admin should be able to take care of it.

8: Please be clear and straight to the point in topic titles, please do not use all caps or a bunch of exclamation points, get straight to the topic that you wish to discus and make them as short as possible, thanks.

9: This is a English forum, you may PM your friends in other languages as you prefer, but please keep all public posts in English, thanks

10: Good grammar is Greatly appreciated, I'm not exactly a grammar nazi, but please try to use your grammar. That means posting random keyboard smashed is not allowed.

11: Simple "One word posts" are looked down upon, such as "Cool" or "Good job" Something without substance can be marked as spam. Smileys and numbers do not count as words. (Some exceptions based on games that explain that specifically in the rules)

12: Please do not post several posts in a row, there is a edit button, or you can delete the post and add more information that way, posting several times in a row looks bad, and clutters the forum more then needed.

13: Do not advertise for any other website, or company, there are places to talk about products, but please don't post links to websites selling stuff, you may put a website under the "My website" area on your profile, but please not on posts or signature.

14: Phishing is a bannable offence, be careful what you link, and it is wise not to link any downloads, in reference to rule 5,  please do not post any illegal downloads, such as pirated music or games, that is not supported here and you may be banned.

15: With signatures / avitars, basic rules apply, nothing crude or pornographic, signatures can not have more then 2 (two) images in them at a time, also please realize that the size of your image might clutter the forum, keeping a nice small image is good.

16: Users under 13 (thirteen) years old may not post pictures of themselves or use their real names.
Users under 18 (eighteen) Years old may not post/pm personal information such as Phone numbers, addresses, Last names, etc
(note: all rules for users under 18 are also included in the rules for those under 13, just to be clear.)

Users OVER 18 (eighteen) may not post personal information, but PMing it to someone should be fine as long as you trust them, watch out, they could be anyone behind that screen, be safe and cautious, we do not support or take responsibility for anything that may happen due to personal information being given out.

17: Do not make multiple accounts, 1 should be plenty for anything you'd like to post, there is no reason and it only clutters things.

18: Impersonating is a bannable offence, DO NOT lie about who you are, this is very serious, keep in mind some may break this rule anyway, so be cautious of others.

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Reformed Rules (Construction)
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